About Us

About Us

Giosef stands for "GIOvani SEnza Frontiere": Youth without borders. Being without borders is our main strength which leads us to reach a better world, breaking the patterns fearlessly, looking above the appearances.

We recognize in our job the possibility to affirm human rights, to fight against any kind of prejudice and discrimination.

Our pillars are:

1) Youth work and non formal education: to produce social change through Non Formal Education on Human Rights

2) Intersectional Approach: to promote an anti-sexist, anti-racist culture against omo-lesbo-bi-transphobia, xenophobia, islamophobia and all forms of discrimination through an intersectional perspective;

3) Inclusion and Participation: to promote participation and active citizenship of young people to counter social exclusion and to promote human, civil and social rights;

4) Euromediterranean Cooperation: to promote the cooperation between European Countries and Partner Countries from the South Mediterranean regions for fostering social cohesion in Mediterranean area;

5) International Mobility: to promote international mobility and intercultural learning among youth.

What we do

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We develop different training courses in different projects. From the frame of the Erasmus + program to individual regional and local calls in Turin and Piedmont, our courses make the non-formal methodology their own work base. The topics covered are varied but always revolve around the great theme of human rights, the rights of all and of all.

International mobility of young people

We promote international mobility and intercultural learning among young people through the use of opportunities offered by various European programs.

We do this through the organization of youth exchanges, training courses and the European Solidarity Corps.

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Human Library

The Human Library is a real library, in which living books are not made of paper but people of flesh and blood, who have a title strictly connected to a social groups to which those people belong and that are in some way subject to social stigma, prejudice and / or discrimination.

Where we are

Our Story

One day in early September 2004 on a bench in Largo Montebello in Turin, a boy is desperate on a bench. He has just learned that to graduate he must organize a university internship, but he cannot because he is not part of an association. 

As strange as it may seem Giosef Torino was born on that bench, from that day on (obscure period in which on the radio went Obsesion of the Aventura and Dragostea Din Tei of Haiducii), practically by chance one of the most lively realities of non-formal education in Turin and Italy was born. 6 presidents, as many vice-presidents and 50 board's components have developed projects and spread the international mobility of the city's young people. 

The topics dealt with were varied but always linked to the great family of defending the rights of all. We have all been young, but who can be called GIOvani SEnza Frontiere.



Annamaria Simeone


Youth worker and project manager. She has been actively involved in Giosef Unito activities since 2013 and she is active in youth field since 2006 on local and international level. She focus her job mainly on themes related to intercultural and interreligious dialogue, young people with migrant background and Euromediterranean cooperation through Non formal education and theatrical methodologies.


Francesco Lisciandra

Francesco Lisciandra


He has been involved in Giosef Unito since 2013 as simple member, from 2015 he has become member of the board and recently vice-president. Mainly focus on logistics and administration, he participated to many trainings about human rights and to youth exchange as group leader. Very interested to develop projects about history and culture and their relations to the present.


Sara Bertolino


facilitator, trainer and project writer. She has been actively involved in the activities of the association for over 4 years and contributed to both local and international projects, such as “Pari o dispari - Peer education contro l’omo/lesbo/transfobia”, the Youth Exchanges “Gender Upon A Time” and “Across the Lines” and the Training Courses “Livinclusion” and “SAIL”. She’s mostly focused on themes related to gender issues and LGBT+ rights.