Fartun, non solo visione ma anche riflessione… | Ilaria Zomer – Centro Studi Sereno Regis

Fartun, not only vision but also reflection…

Normally the vision of the documentary Fartun is accompanied by a long discussion with the audience during which we deepen the history of the documentary itself and propose a critical reflection on its contents. Because of the current situation, it is not possible to organize a public event, (we broadcast it Saturday, March 21 from 8 am and until midnight streaming on youtube and facebook) we thought to share with you articles, contents and videos to deepen the reflection and leave you some questions. If you like you can leave your thoughts in the comments to the article and while watching the documentary. It will be a pleasure to read them and feel all* a little closer*.

The video is one of the results of the project CountHERnarrative: Reframing the narrative by giving voice to migrants women financed by the European Union and the Piedmont Region, through the Consortium of Piedmont NGOs (Consorio delle ONG Piemontesi), within the framework of the program Frame, Voice, Report! , Journalism and cooperation for the Sustainable Development Goals. The objective of the program is to promote a communication and a knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals through journalistic products that give voice directly to Global South according to constructive narrative frames, capacitive, in some "other" cases compared to our own or what we would expect.

For the realization, the project partners, Giosef Torino– Marti Gianello Guida APS and Centro Studi Sereno Regis, have decided to directly involve women Arab journalists with whom they have been collaborating for some time, the Arab Women Media Center to narrate its local reality and give voice directly to women, with a migratory background, who live in Jordan for a short time or many years. The result, Fartun, is a short documentary choral that deals with the issue of women and immigration from a perspective and with a sensitivity probably different from ours and it is on this point that we would like to discuss with you.

To this porpuse, we would like to offer you some content, among which we invite you freely to space, which retraces some of the key principles on which we have developed the project.

The first topic that we would like to propose to you is that of intersectionality. In fact, we believe that in order to counteract stereotypes and prejudices, the key lies in the identity complexity of people who, precisely in the light of this complexity, experience unique human experiences, what happens when the migrant identity intertwines with being a woman? What experiences does it bring to life?

Per introdurvi all’intersezionalità vi proponiamo una Ted Conference di Kimberlé Crenshaw, che per prima ha utilizzato questo termine.

If you like a more complex and academic reading (in English) here is an article, always by Crenshaw that tells the genesis of the concept of intersectionality.

The second theme that we would like to propose to you is that of narrative frames that we often attribute to others. Does the video reinforce or deconstruct some of the visions you might have of migrant women in a Middle Eastern area? Do you find the language, the narrative modalities close to the western taste or different? In what terms?

Once again we propose as a stimulus for reflection two other contents, again a Ted Conference "The Danger of the single story".

And the manual of the program Frame, Voice, Report! that represented the frame within which the documentary was born.

Finally, a third topic on which we would like to draw your attention is that of feminism, or rather non-Western feminism. Can we talk about different feminisms? We propose three short informative articles to immerse yourself in the very vast and little known world of what is called Arab feminism. (In Italian)


Thank you for any comments you want to leave and of course we welcome suggestions of content, articles, videos that you want to reply and suggest to other* readers/ women.

Happy 21st of March!