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Giosef Torino is a Social Promotion Association which promotes social inclusion and anti-discrimination on an intersectional level, throughout Non Formal Education on Human Rights, intercultural learning and Euro-Mediterranean mobility. The association supports the cultural and social education as well as the international mobility of youths to promote the active citizenship. On this purpose it promotes Non Formal Education programs on local and international levels.

The Palestinian Cause: a day by day oppression

The 29 th November is a crucial date for the Palestinian people.
On this date in 1947, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution called « the Partition Resolution », which divided Palestine into a Jewish State and an Arab State.
Following that and the Palestine war more than 700,000 Palestinians fled or were expelled from their homes.
An event called Nakba, in Arabic "catastrophe", in which more than 400 Palestinian villages were destroyed.
Today, more than 8 million Palestinians are being oppressed, and their basic human rights are being violated on a daily basis by the occupation.
In this occasion, Giosef Torino and the Centro Studi Sereno Regis present the online event “The Palestinian Cause: a day by day oppression”..
The goals of this event are linked to the lack of awareness, especially among young people, of this ever-changing situation. Through this event we would like to introduce the Italian and European youth to the Palestinian cause and showing the daily human rights violations caused to the Palestinian people by the Israeli occupation and what action can be taken.
The story of an entire people will be told through the voices of four exclusive speakers: Basil Farraj, Anwar N, Gabriele Proglio and Monica Maurer.
Basil Farraj is a PhD candidate in Anthropology and Sociology at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. Basil's work centres around torture, violence and prisons. He has previously carried out fieldwork in Chile, Colombia and Palestine;
Gabriele Proglio è un Ricercatore di Storia Moderna e Contemporanea, con un dottorato in Storia Moderna. Ha collaborato con Università in California, Portogallo, Tunisia e Turchia.
His work revolves around the study of borders, mobilities and migrations in the Mediterranean.
Monica Mauer is a journalist, film-maker and producer. Since the Seventies, her work reflects her political and cultural engagement against racism and social injustice. She curated for 7 years the monthly Cineforum Palestina.
L’evento si terrà online il 29 novembre alle ore 18 sulla piattaforma Zoom e verrà condiviso in diretta su Facebook.
L’intero evento sarà in italiano con traduzione in inglese.
Registration link:
After the registration you will receive a confirmation email that will have all the necessary information to participate.
Connect online (on Zoom or Facebook) to have the chance of asking our experts questions!
The event recording will be available online with English subtitles after the livestream.

Declinato al Femminile – Migrazione e intersezionalità nell’ambito del progetto “countHERnarrative”

CInque incontri quotidiani verso la Giornata Mondiale del Rifugiato

In preparazione alla Giornata Mondiale del rifugiato, sabato 20 giugno 2020 nell’ambito del  progetto countHERnarrativefinanziato dall’Unione europea e dalla Regione Piemonte, attraverso il Consorzio delle Ong Piemontesi, nell’ambito di Frame, Voice, Report!, Giornalismo e cooperazione per gli Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile, nato dalla collaborazione tra Giosef Torino – Marti Gianello Guida APS and Centro Studi Sereno Regis con l’associazione Arab Women Media Center che opera ad Amman in Giordania, scegliamo di parlare di donne migranti e rifugiate da un punto di vista complesso e intersezionale per mettere in discussione una narrazione che le cancella o le stigmatizza in ruoli precostituiti e degradanti.

Seguiteci nei nostri incontri/aperitivi/chiacchiere online!

Cosa: 1 settimana di eventi online
Dove: Zoom diretta Facebook su Giosef Torino and Centro Studi Sereno Regis

Quando: dal 15 al 19 giugno 2020, alle ore 18

Programma degli incontri

  • lunedì 15 giugno 2020
    CountHERnarrative, dare voce alla donne migranti e costruire nuove narrazioni per contribuire al raggiungimento degli Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile
    Annamaria Simeone dialoga con Giulia Randazzo, Consorzio ONG Piemontesi e Angela Dogliotti, Centro Studi Sereno Regis
  • martedì 16 giugno 2020
    Contronarrazione: attivismo ed educazione per il cambiamento sociale
    Benedetta Pisani dialoga con Matteo Botto, Blog Contronarrazioni, Micaela Martucci, Centro Studi Sereno Regis e Dragalina Gorbati, gruppo donne del progetto CountHERnarrative  
  • mercoledì 17 giugno 2020
    Consigli per essere un/a bravo/a immigrato/a
    Vesna Scepanovic dialoga con Elvira Mujcic, scrittrice e traduttrice. 
  • giovedì 18 giugno 2020
    Intersezionalità fra esperienze umane e riconoscimento giuridico
    Annamaria Simeone dialoga con Souad Maddahi, Associazione Islamica della Alpi, Nazli e Berivan Gormez, attiviste curde, Elisabetta Guidobono e Paola Fierro, ASGI 
  • venerdì 19 giugno 2020
    Giornalismo e donne nel mondo arabo
    Annamaria Simeone dialoga con Sana Aleman di Arab Woman Media Centre di Amman (incontro in lingua inglese)

Da oggi inoltre è possibile visualizzare il libretto “Tante Storie. Una Storia, a cura di Silvia Berruto. Realizzato con il gruppo di donne “Amiche di Merenda” durante l’implementazione del progetto.

Clicca sul tasto blu per visualizzare il libretto.


Dal 15/06/2020 a 19/09/2019

Giornata internazionale di solidarietà

per il popolo palestinese

International day of solidarity with the Palestinian people

is a recurrence

by the United Nations and takes place every year

the November 29th to commemorate the anniversary

of the adoption of Resolution 181

of the United Nations General Assembly (1947).

The original plan of sharing the former British

Mandate of Palestine predicted the birth

of two states, one Jewish and one Arab,

with Jerusalem under international control.

This resolution did not prevent the outbreak

of the first Arab-Israeli war, which will lead

to the creation of the State of Israel and to the Palestinian Nakba


Since 1948 numerous UN resolutions and recommendations have sought to facilitate the peace process and the withdrawal of Israel from the occupied territories of the West Bank, where today there are about 413,000 Israeli settlers in the area C (zone of the Palestinian territories under full Israeli control) and 215,000 in East Jerusalem. This brings the population of Israeli settlers in the West Bank to around 630,000 individuals located in 143 towns 11 of which in East Jerusalem, plus 113 outposts.

(Six-Month Report on Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, (reporting period January-June 2019) The Office of the European Union Representative (West Bank and Gaza Strip, UNRWA) Report semestrale sugli insediamenti israeliani nei territori occupati della Cisgiordania e Gerusalemme est; Ufficio di rappresentanza dell’Unione Europea per la Cisgiordania e la Striscia di Gaza, UNRWA – Agenzia delle Nazioni Unite per il soccorso e l’occupazione dei rifugiati palestinesi nel Vicino Oriente).

Giosef Torino is close to the Palestinian people in different forms and expressions.
For years we have been working with Palestinian associations such as New Generation Palestine , Loesje PalestineNational YWCA of Palestine and The Palestinian Circus School with youthworker training projects and youth exchanges.

We solidarize with the Palestinian people in their struggle for the return of the millions of refugees in their own land and reject the apartheid and discrimination policies of the Israeli government.

On Going Events

CountHERnarrative at Informagiovani di Torino

“CountHERnarrative: re-framing the narrative by giving voice to migrant women” is an educational project on the female migrant perspective to raise awareness of two objectives of sustainable development: achieving gender equality and promoting the emancipation of women and girls.

We will discuss these issues at Informagiovani Città di Torino with Centro Studi Sereno Regis, our project partner together with the Association of Jordanian journalists مركز الإعلاميات العربيات Arab Women Media Center.

See you on 11 February at 3.30 pm Informagiovani Città di Torino in via Garibaldi 25 in Torino.

Tuesday 11/02/20

Giosef Torino Library @Casarcobaleno

Starting from this week we open the Casa Arcobaleno library!!
The opening hours are Wednesday and Thursday from 3 pm to 5 pm.
To use the Library you need the Giosef Torino card or Arcigay Torino “Ottavio Mai” (card Arcigay or Casarcobaleno) you can borrow up to two books a week.
The space will also be open to people who want to read or consult the texts in CasArcobaleno during the opening hours of the Library.

Wednesday and Thursday from 3pm to 5pm

Arab Language Course

Our ESC (European Solidarity Corps) volunteers offer a basic Arabic course for all those who want to start learning this fascinating language.

From October 2019 to January 2020