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CasArcobaleno was born as a project in 2012, on the initiative of the Arcigay Torino Territorial Committee "Ottavio Mai" and officially starts from the 5th Congress of Arcigay Turin on 17 May 2014. CasArcobaleno is home: a public and private place, lived by one or many associations, depending on the time chosen to visit it, is a mental place - which presupposes the presence of an inclusive reasoning modality and of appreciation of the differences of who composes it - and also physical - which requires, through the configuration of spaces and times, a contamination of proposals and identities.

Altera Cultura Torino

Altera is a laboratory of ideas, projects, events, critical participation in innovation and cultural, artistic, political and social changes. We want to spread "seeds of well-being"

Associazione Trepuntozero

The Association operates at regional, national and international level and has the purpose to promote fundamental human rights and intercultural dialogue, especially through participatory and conscious use of new media and support for associations, organizations that pursue the same goals.

ArcigayTorino “Ottavio Mai”

In Turin, Arcigay is present with the Territorial Committee "Ottavio Mai", born in the ambit of the experience of the Organizing Committee of the Torino Pride 2006 forthe will of a group of volunteers. Adheres to the Coordinamento Torino Pride LGBT, which brings together the Turin gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual associations. In this network Arcigay participates in the organization of the Pride of Turin, of the celebrations of May 17th - World Day against Homophobia and to other opportunities for joint mobilization at local and national level. It owes its name to Ottavio Mai, co-founder of “Da Sodoma ad Hollywood” Turin GLBT Film Festival, of which the association was a partner for initiatives and collaborations.

Centro Studi Sereno Regis

The Centro Studi Sereno Regis is an ONLUS (Non-Profit Organization of Social Utility) that promotes research, education and action programs on the topics of political participation, non-violent popular defense, education for peace and interculturality, non-violent transformation of conflicts, development models, renewable energies and ecology.