Progetti ERASMUS+

“MARTI - MAke it Relevant: Tools for Intersectionality”

The project aims to create innovative educational approach and tools to work concretely on intersectionality in youth work. For “intersectionality” we intend an analytical tool for studying, understanding and responding to the ways in which identity components intersect with other personal characteristics/identities, and how these intersections contribute to unique experiences of oppression and discrimination. It starts from the premise that people have multiple, layered identities derived from social relations, history and the operation of structures of power.


The need to which the project intends to respond is to provide a theatrical literacy for those working in the area of ​​non-formal education, in order to integrate these two dimensions in a harmonious way, adapting them to each other without distorting their specific features. ensuring an ever greater effectiveness in facilitating the learning process of those participating in international mobility opportunities. 

The project aims to provide theatre pedagogy competences (knowledge, skills and attitude) to youth workers, trainers and facilitators working in Non-Formal and intercultural learning field in different contexts on different topics.